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Abril Tellez Tamayo, Staff writer

My name is Abril Tellez Tamayo, and growing up in Fairfield  can get a little boring, but it’s still home.

I have started to love reading in 3rd grade, but that was when the teacher got me in trouble for not reading at home for 30 minutes. So then I started enjoying  reading and ended up being the 2nd kid to have read the most words in class.

When I was in 4th,5th, and 6th grade I was interested in art but I dropped that when I got into 7th grade.

8th grade was the year I have started to love writing. My 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Young ,taught us a lot of things about writing in english class. I look forward to learning new things and improve on my writing skills.

The bands that I like to listen to is mainely Panic! At The Disco and Queen. I sometimes read while sitting on my rocking chair and watch TV shows because I have nothing else better to do. I am starting as a freshman this year and it is a pleasure to write for The Armijo Signal.

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Abril Tellez Tamayo