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Even if you aren’t close to graduating, these books can be good for anyone to read and learn lessons from.
5 books to read before graduating

Reading books is a fun and relaxing hobby, whether it’s reading to expand your knowledge or just collecting books from a library for pleasure. There are genres that can...

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How does the garden grow? With help from students and the community.
Garden Work and Maintenance Day
March 31, 2023
A Sunday afternoon concert is worth visiting.
Solano Symphony Orchestra

Their annual concert is dedicated to the performance of masterpieces of classical music, Maestro Semyon Lohss and the Solano Symphony Orchestra present three stellar compositions brimming with grandeur, elegance, and passion. For...

Surrounded by words, Ms. Monegato is in her happy place.
Her love for words will never change
Melissa Martinez, Staff Writer • March 15, 2023

Letters assemble, conversing amongst themselves to create words, who form sentences fighting, tackling each other to be the first in line, that once sorted group together, and become paragraphs that eventually,...

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Poets and writers, you can win!
Poets and writers, you can win!
Deadline: April 1 Award: up to $2,000 and publication
March 15, 2023

The 45th Nimrod Literary Awards Founded by Ruth G. Hardman, The Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction and The Pablo Neruda Prize for...

What would your story be?
March 15, 2023

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