• August 288/29 (Wed) US Coast Guard Rep at lunch in front of the library!!
  • August 18Math & ELA MAP testing is upcoming. Do your Best!!
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April Fools Day design with hand drawn decorative lettering, laughing cartoon faces and jester hat. For greeting cards, banners, flyers, etc.
April Fools!

April’s fools comes by every year, a silly holiday dedicated to playing pranks on those you keep close to you. Although the history of this day is mostly unknown, its popularity...

Easter / Spring
Easter / Spring
April 29, 2024
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Womens History Month embraces women from all backgrounds. Womanhood looks different for each person.
Women’s History Month: Be the Future

Women's History Month is a time to celebrate the outstanding achievements of us, women throughout history. It's a chance to honor our women, our rights, and what we have achieved and the more we will achieve.  There have...

Salcidos hardwork and motivation got him to the championships, his drive and determination earned him victory
Armijo High School's Kendrick Salcido Shines at CIF State Wrestling Championships
Risha Sharma, Staff Writer • May 6, 2024

Fairfield's Armijo High School had a standout performance at the recent CIF State Wrestling Championships in Bakersfield, with wrestler Kendrick Salcido making waves with a sixth-place finish. Salcido,...

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A scholarship for the creative mind
A scholarship for the creative mind
Deadline: July 23; Award: Up to $1,000 and publication
June 1, 2023

For the Phyliss J. McCarthy Scholarship for Excellence in Writing, entrants must be high school juniors or seniors to win. Complete rules &...

If at first you don't succeed...
June 1, 2023

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