Introducing the Freshman President

Juliana is off to a great start as the leader of the Class of 2022.

Juliana is off to a great start as the leader of the Class of 2022.

Melissa Theodorus, Staff Writer

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The first president of the Class of 2022 is Juliana Delmendo. The election took place on Thursday, September 20, with the freshmen leadership students choosing the four officers for their class.

Delmendo may seem overqualified to be Class President. She’s watched her two older siblings who went through the same process. She’s been a part of student councils in two different schools. These experiences have given her an idea of what to expect in this student government.

Her goal this year is to bring the class together as a whole. “I want to get students to come together and I want them to enjoy the program,” said Delmendo.

She had her sights set on president because “I wanted to get my name out there and be the one to lead the freshmen when no one else wanted to,” she said. She plans to get more students who aren’t in the leadership program to participate in school events.

During her speech, Delmendo mentioned bringing the class closer together by having more activities and time to help bond everyone’s relationships. Her idea was having leadership students come together to play some board games. They held their first meeting on Monday, September 24 where they discussed their Homecoming skit.

“I look forward to leading the freshmen to a better status from the beginning of the year to the end of the year,” said Delmendo. “I will let who aren’t in the leadership program have their voice and contribute their ideas to find a compromise…I want to get more people not in leadership to become more active in student events,” she said. “In the end, I just want what’s best for leadership and the freshman class.”

Delmendo has a lot of interests beyond serving on student government. She is also part of the Filipino Club and outside of school, she dances Tahitian. She loves watching TV and hanging out with her friends during her spare time.

“I plan to graduate from high school and college and become a lawyer or doctor,” she said. Her passion is to “find happiness for everyone and have fun” and she is planning to run for office again in the spring.

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