Important news for all future Class Officers

Class Officer Elections – May 26


Voting gives you a voice in the way the school is run.

On May 19, all Class Officer candidates need to have their officer choice list, signature sheet and student bio turned in to Mr. Casey Towner, Leadership adviser. He will do a background check to make sure the candidates are enrolled, or willing to enroll, in the Student Leadership Class for 2023-2024, with exceptions made for those enrolled in 0 Period IB class. He will also check student records to make sure candidates have at least a 2.5 grade point average and no behavioral problems. 

Students who are running for class office need 50 signatures from students in their grade level, so long as they are not enrolled in Leadership or simply passed around in class. Candidates are encouraged to go around and meet students, informing them of the desire to run for office, plans if elected and a desire for their support.


Candidates will be able to campaign between May 19 and 26. Only students who have returned their completed packet with every part filled out will be eligible to campaign.

Those campaigns can use any creative methods of self-promotion. However, ANY negative material towards a fellow candidate or any material comparing one candidate with another will not be tolerated.  “If you insist on using negative, inappropriate, or unsavory campaign techniques, then you may be removed from consideration for an officer position,” Leadership adviser Mr. Casey Towner shared in the election application.” You must use your own supplies; the school will not provide any for you.”

Speeches and Question and Answer Session/Interview

On Wednesday, May 24, candidates will be giving a speech during 0 period to the members of the Leadership class that represents their grade level, as well as any additional students who attend the speeches. Candidates are expected to arrive at school by 6:45 am to share their speeches, which should be no more than 4-minutes long. Mr. Towner, the Associated Student Body officers and the faculty adviser may be in attendance and asking questions.

Officer Biography

Next to a candidate’s name should be a short biography as well as a photo. Students have been provided with a format which they can fill out on paper or share with Mr. Towner at [email protected].

How the Election will be Scored:

Candidates will be ranked in order of their performance in comparison to their fellow candidates.  If there are five students running for office, students will be ranked on a scale of one to five; five being the highest number of points available in each category.  The three categories you will be scored in are as follows:

  1. Speech and Question and Answer/Interview session during leadership (20%)
  2. Leadership Vote [Electoral Vote] (50%)
  3. School Wide Vote [Popular Vote] (20%)
  4. Student Record Evaluation (To be done by Advisers and Mr. Towner) (10%)