Justin Lau

ASB Officer Candidate

Justin Lau

2 years in Leadership

Leadership Positions/Titles Held

  • Color Run Committee Head – 11th grade
  • Haunted Halls Committee Head – 10th and 11th grade
  • Night Rally Committee Head – 11th grade
  • SPED Commissioner – 11th grade
  • Class Officer Secretary – 10th and 11th grade

Involvement @ Armijo

  • 3 years of basketball
  • 2 years of golf
  • Skate4Change Club
  • IB program 

Important things about me:

I have such a great determined mindset that allows me to achieve all the dreams, goals, and aspirations that I desire. Helping, inspiring, pushing, and supporting others to be the best versions of themselves has always been one of the main purposes that I have in life. This aspect of myself is something I’d specifically love to bring to Armijo’s enormous and diverse community. Armijo’s community is definitely one that is special and unique that I would absolutely like to be a part of. When starting in the Leadership program sophomore year, I didn’t think that I’d enjoy it and creating such good relationships with people. As well as learning things about myself I never knew. Connecting with ALL students is very important to me because I personally believe that everyone has a voice and all of them should be heard. Additionally, I’m an understanding and open-minded person who is willing to listen to everyone that wants to be heard. One of my attributes that I contribute well in a leadership environment is my ability to be flexible – meaning in any situation that arises, I’ll be able to make any quick adjustments necessary to put things back on track. Lastly, I’m a hardworking individual who will give it my all as an asb to give the most fun and memorable school year. 

My Focsuses/Improvements/Changes

  • School-wide surveys: As an ASB officer I believe everyone’s input matters! So I wanted to send school-wide surveys that give us the ability to comment, review, criticize, and rate the events that we do.  This will allow us to gain input on events so that we can know what we are doing well and what we need to improve! This will additionally allow all the students around the Armijo campus to suggest any events that they would like to see within the school year as well as next year!!
  • Leadership website: This is an idea that was brought up before, but never implemented. This website would allow the school to know many many things, This website would allow students that might want to join Leadership to gain insight on the thing we have done and do! Or just give an insight to the general student body about what Leadership is and what we have in store for the year. This will allow us to give out a planned event schedule for the year that everybody can access in a very organized way. I think it is also where it should be an outlet for support for anyone in the Armijo community. This is also where we can do the thing mentioned above with anonymous surveys to gain input on our events. 
  • Appreciation for ALL sports: Something that I would like to bring to the table next year is having a minor event where we celebrate the 3 sports of the season. Within the school year, each season has 3 sports. The notion I had in mind is having a week for each season dedicated to appreciating the sports of the season. I think there are sports that don’t get much attention or appreciation. It is usually the big sports like football and basketball. However, I think that every sports matter. So essentially during these weeks, we can do at least one A-team Home game to go show our support. We can even just do the simple tasks of making posters for the players and the team.