Kaylie Reyes

ASB Officer Candidate

Kaylie Reyes

3rd year in Leadership

Positions Held & Armijo Involvement:
  • Sophomore Class President
  • Junior Class President
  • Skate 4 Change President
  • O-Event Commissioner 
  • Basketball ATeam Committee Head (10th)
  • Club Rush Committee Head (11th)
  • 3x Varsity Volleyball Captain
  • Boys Volleyball Coach/Manager
  • IB Program
About Me:

My name is Kaylie Reyes and just to get to know me a little better as a leader, I believe it is important for me to shed light upon the fact that this is my 3rd year in Leadership and I have held multiple other positions throughout Armijo in hopes of spreading my love for this program to others. I feel as though I truly thrive in this class, and ever since my freshman year, I have fallen in complete love with Leadership and the amazing people I’ve met in it. Because of this, I always feel the need to spread positivity to others and let everyone else feel as good as I feel after an event happens. I enjoy taking on bigger roles in school wide events because to me, there is truly an indescribable feeling I get knowing that I’m one of the reasons as to why people are having fun at school. I believe everyone deserves to have a memorable high school experience, and I take pride in being a part of Leadership because we always help with things like this!

Main Priorities & Plans:

Although I convey a strong devotion to the Leadership program, I am still very much aware of the different aspects that could use some revisions. For this next upcoming school year, I would like to focus on bettering certain things in our school like:

  • Participation – I have noticed that in these past two years, the general student body population at our events has decreased. I think it’s very important to properly advertise not only more effectively, but more efficiently as well. We put on various events throughout the year that target different groups at Armijo, therefore it is necessary to spread the news! I have noticed that our population consists of mostly Mexican/Hispanic students, so making more announcements, posters, and ads in the Spanish language could possibly appeal to more people and make others feel included.
  • Collaboration – I have always tried my best to push for a fun and positive environment, whether we’re in the Leadership classroom or not. My plan on creating this type of positive space is to partner with other student body organizations and staff members outside of the program. This could help us to both improve events that we already know and love, but also help us to come up with and create new events that will be inclusive to everybody. I think it’s incredibly important for everyone to have the opportunity to voice their opinions and feel as though their voices are heard. We are not just students, we are also growing young ladies and gentlemen that need to understand how we are all capable of creating change, whether that’s change within our community, school, or even ourselves. Plus, there’s a variety of different voices that deserve to be heard, and I’m very open to hearing any new ideas or opinions!