Vote for 2023-2024 ASB Officers

Voting takes place Thursday / Friday, April 27-28


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Your vote counts and will impact the future at AHS.

Students who planned to run for Associated Student Body (ASB) office were expected to turn in their  officer choice list and student bio to Mr. Casey Towner, leadership adviser. That information is here, shared with the entire school, so that students can put a face to the name and learn some key platform points for each campaign. Along with a Student Bio page, candidates were expected to include a video (60 seconds maximum) to include on Leadership’s social media pages that highlight some of the main points on the bio.


ASB candidates have until April 28 to campaign.  Only students who have returned their completed packet with every part filled out are eligible to campaign. Candidates may use any creative methods of self-promotion, but any negative material towards a fellow candidate or any material comparing candidates will not be tolerated.  Those who use negative, inappropriate, or unsavory campaign techniques,  may be removed from consideration for an officer position.

On April 20 and 21st  students can visit tables outside the Outpost to ask the candidates questions regarding your ASB role.

Speeches April 24 and 25

This year, ASB candidates will perform a 4-6 minute speech in front of leadership, advisers, and one adminstrator. The speeches should be formal, informative, and most importantly including some opinions and new ideas on how we do things.

While a good speech should include criticisms of this year’s procedure, it is important to understand that negative comments towards this year’s class should be followed by a constructive fix or change. Concrete ideas go much further than talking about your previous roles and accomplishments. Some questions candidates might touch on (but not limit yourself to):

  • Committees/Tracks process
  • Events (what should stay and go)
  • Mentorships
  • Lessons vs. Event Planning
  • Faculty Friends

Question and Answer Session/Interview April 26-28

After the speeches, there will be a form sent out to all individuals present for the speech and those questions will be collected. A Q&A session interview will take place with Mr. Towner and the ASB officers in his office.

How the Election will be Scored:

Candidates will be ranked in order of their performance in comparison to their fellow candidates. Candidates will be ranked on the following levels:

  1. Speech and Question and Answer/Interview session during leadership* (20%)

*Mr. Towner and Admin will judge this portion

2. Leadership Vote  [Electoral Vote] (50%)

3. School Wide Vote  [Popular Vote] (20%)

4. Student Record Evaluation (To be done by ASB, Advisers and Mr. Towner) (10%)

Voting will take place April 27 and 28. There will be five ASB officers selected to next year’s panel due to the changes in the class/committee structure.

Check out the candidates: