Elijah Shackleford

ASB Officer Candidate

Elijah Shackleford

Leadership accolades:

  • I have been in leadership for 4 years (7th, 8th,10th, 11th) 
  • Class treasurer for 2 years (10th,11th)
  • Journalism club editor (9th, 10th, 11th) 
  • Skate for change club member 
  • Dodgeball tournament committee head (10th)
  • Homecoming dance comittee head (11th) 
  • Haunted halls committee head (11th) 
  • Mentorship’s co-commissioner (11th) 
  • Karaoke night committee head (11th) 
  • Site council member (11th) 

My motivation:

The power of the leadership program has always been something I valued heavily. From my first year in leadership, it has managed to make me a student who was quiet, kept to themselves, and never fit in have access to a program that made me feel right at home and gave me the opportunity to become the best version of myself. Now i have become a highly passionate student with a deep care from the program and formed many valuable relationships with those who will continue to support me to move further. I now am running as an ASB officer to be able to provide others with the opportunities the leadership program provides in order to give them the tools they need to flourish. Each and every student here at Armijo has the potential to throw amazing events, provide revolutionary ideas, and form strong connections that will last them for life. But the biggest problem our program faces is that we don’t have enough opportunities and resources to allow each student to shine. My number one priority if I am elected ASB is to be able to build the foundation and provide the resources to create a program that gives every student the chance to become their best selves. 

How I plan to build opportunities for Armijo

One of the most essential parts of being able to provide opportunities is being able to build strong connections with the community. It is through the effort and support of a group of people that is able to make our strong ideas a reality. As a school based program, we have many faucets for which we can gain support.

Clubs: The clubs at Armijo already provide a ton to our campus, they have assisted us in many events that have become great such as Banda night and deck the halls. If we are able to apply the assistance and abilities of our clubs at Armijo to more events through consistent communication such as monthly meetings, we can gain the potential to evolve our events at Armijo to new levels and garner more student interest for what’s going on around Armijo

Community organizations: Community service is already a large part of the leadership program. By being able to connect with community based organizations such as rotary clubs and chambers of commerce we are able to gain a sense of what’s happening in the community and provide more ways for students to apply themselves inside and outside of the campus.