Zosia Cooper

ASB Officer Candidate

Zosia Cooper

About me 

I am Zosia Cooper, a Junior here at Armijo running for ASB 2023-2024 school year. I have been on Armijos’ varsity volleyball team for three years. Clubs I have been a part of include Skate for Change and the International club. Four words to describe me would be hardworking, determined, reliable, and organized. 

This year I have participated in big roles such as… 

  • Student advisory council 
  • Faculty friends commissioner 

My focus for next year 

For the next school year, I would like to hear what the students of Armijo would want to see regarding new events and themes. I would also like to have more events that help give equity and inclusion amongst all students and faculty. I would like to see ways in which we can connect with everyone at Armijo. Ways I would want to achieve this is through…..

Hearing students’ voices: The leadership class helps select themes and new events that appear at Armijo. I would like to have all Armijo students be able to share their input and help in the decision process of certain events/themes. We can create a student survey that allows all Armijo students to help in the decision-making of overall themes, as well as allow them to express their opinions on past events or suggest new things they would like to see around Armijo. 

Culture: Armijo is a diverse school. I wish to shine a light on all the different cultures. We have events such as banda night, but I would like to expand more on events that represents different cultures.

Mental health:  Something that is really big to me is mental health. Towards the end of the year, a stress-free week is thrown to help ease students’ stress due to finals. We should throw stress-free events more often to help students throughout the school year. As well as find new ways to reach out to people and help touch on the topic of mental health.

Becoming more connected: I would like to see more of a connection between the students and staff at Armijo. More sports games and competitions can be thrown against classes or students vs. staff, as well as simple get-togethers such as picnics or movie nights.