Leslie Silva

ASB Officer Candidate

Leslie Silva

My School Involvement during High School

  • Class Officer – 9th, 10th, 11th
  • Skate 4 Change Officer – 10th, 11th
  • Homecoming Committee Head – 10th
  • SPED Basketball Committee Head – 11th
  • A-Team Committee Head – 11th
  • SPED Commissioner – 11th

About Me !

Hey there! My name is Leslie Silva and I am currently a junior at Armijo, running to be one of your 2023-2024 ASB officers!  I have been a part of the leadership program at Armijo for three years and am so honored to have the opportunity to take a bigger role in the program and the school! Outside of leadership, I’m involved in both school and the community through sports and clubs. I’ve played on the Girl’s Soccer Team at Armijo for 3 years and I also play club soccer at Solano Surf on the 05 DPL team. Other than soccer, I play badminton at Armijo; I’ve been doing it since my sophomore year. This past year, I was also able to serve as a manager for the boys JV and Varsity soccer teams. I am also a part of Armijo’s Skate 4 Change Club, which focuses on giving back to our community, specifically the homeless population in the community. Through these activities and more, I have been able to create amazing friendships and memories, as well as give back to the community in and out of school. I would consider myself an outgoing, friendly, hardworking, and kind person. I truly enjoy making relationships and connecting with people around me. I hope to represent students at Armijo, advocate for them, as well as be a peer which they feel they can rely on. 

Why I’m Running For ASB

Describing myself now, I would definitely say I’m a really outgoing person. However, that was most definitely not always the case. When I first came to Armijo, I knew absolutely nobody at this school. I was very shy and pretty much scared of everybody around me. However, through the leadership program, I become a really outgoing, friendly, and bubbly person. Leadership allowed me to grow as a person. However, I understand that for many students, it’s hard to get involved, feel welcome, or feel a part of the school community. I realize that it can be very difficult for students to grow in the school community. Given the opportunity, I want to be able to give each and every student at Armijo the opportunity to get involved, have fun, and feel a part of the school community. I want to make sure every student feels appreciated, cared for, safe, and part of the community at Armijo. I hope to give students the opportunity to grow within the school and get involved. I want to make events more welcoming to students, meaning I hope to adapt them to fit more student interests, passions, and talents. I hope to connect with students and become a representation for the student body at Armijo and create an opportunity for students to enjoy their high school experience.

My Goals For The Upcoming School Year

Building An Inclusive, Safe, And Respectful Community At Armijo

In the upcoming school year, I want to prioritize building a positive community at Armijo. Through events, collaborations, and support, I hope to bring the diverse student body at Armijo together. I want to create a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment at Armijo where students and staff members feel welcome and able to be themselves. Through embracing the diversity at Armijo, I hope that a spirited, positive, and respectful community will form at Armijo. I will do my best to make Armijo a better place for everybody on campus. I hope to make the school more inclusive and supportive for both students and staff.

Student Recognition And Appreciation

Next year, I want to include more student recognition and appreciation at Armijo. I hope to make students feel appreciated, recognized, and valued for all they do in whatever fields their passions and achievements lie; whether they be in sports, the arts, technology, academics, or anything else. I want students to feel acknowledged and congratulated for their successes. Through rallies, appreciation weeks, spirit marches, awards and shoutouts, I want to publicly recognize students year round for their amazing accomplishments and hardwork. Through this, I hope to uplift our student body as well as encourage mutual respect among students and build a strong community at Armijo.

Creating A Memorable Year For All Students

Through events, community, and a positive school environment, I hope to give students the opportunity to have a memorable high school year. I want students to have the opportunity to experience a unique and amazing school year which they can cherish for years to come. I want to incorporate new events at Armijo, as well as improve past events, to allow for students to enjoy their high school experience as much as possible. I hope to do my best to give back to the amazing student body at Armijo, and allow them with every opportunity possible to create lifelong memories.