Carmen Meleni Gonzalez

ASB Officer Candidate

Carmen Meleni Gonzalez

Who Am I?

Hey! I’m Carmen Meleni Gonzalez, though many people know me as Meleni, and I’m currently a junior, running for an ASB officer role next year. I’m sure I wasn’t very well known this year, so let me tell you about myself and introduce myself. I was born in LA and moved to Fairfield, which stinks, but I really like going to LA whenever I can visit.

A significant part of myself is that I really like getting to know people and making friends because it is interesting to hear people’s likes and dislikes. I think that getting to know others is what makes life interesting and fun! This, due to the people I have met in my life, has made me have fun, amazing memories, and is what keeps me going, which is why I want to run for ASB.

My sophomore year was an incredible year that made me want to make others have the same experience that I did. Not only do I want people to experience the same feeling that I did, but I also love making connections with others, being able to help out others, the feeling of working together to achieve some kind of goal, and just the experience of building a new bond. I am so optimistic that sometimes I end up being naive, although I do stand up for what I think is right or wrong. I am quite approachable, as many people end up talking to me, and in response, I am adaptable to people’s personalities.

What Will I Do For Armijo?

Something that is important to me and others is that high school is a big part of teenagers lives, and I do believe that, which is why I think inclusivity is important. I believe that some students are less well included in events than others. Such as leadership students being aware of what is going on around campus while a non-leadership student. This year, not being able to join leadership, I experienced that many non-leadership students may not know what was going on, either on campus or having to find out the day of the event, which is upsetting because students don’t have the time to plan out if they can go or decide who to go with. As this could cause problems for a student’s schedule having to miss out on a fun event with friends, which is why I would like to bring back the spirit cart to make students aware of what is going on. Not only will it help students know what is going on, but they’ll interact with leadership students, making some kind of connection, as well as helping leadership students with their social skills.

Not only do I want to bring the spirit cart back, but I also want to mail surveys and get feedback from students on what they’d liked and what they hope to have next year to help the next ASB, as well as what could have been better. I would also like to have groups of meteors and menties working together, as it would build bonds and connections. I think that having groups work on different objectives would bring everyone together.

In The End…

Although I just covered some basic ideas, I really want people to have a good 2023–2024 year. I will listen to students’ requests and feedback to make each event great and fun. I will work hard for others, as I really like the feeling of others being happy due to an event that was put together by students. I hope to bring Amjio together and Amrijo’s spirit back as well. Thank you for letting me tell you about myself and what I hope to bring to AMJO, and I hope that this has made you perhaps think of having me as one of your ASB officers for the 2023-2024 school year!