Jackson Harrington

ASB Officer Candidate

Jackson Harrington

Leadership Accomplishments

  • 2 years in Armijo Leadership
  • 3 years in Armijo Soccer 1 as Jv captain 1 as Varsity captain
  • Commite head for Student Verus Staff Game show, Comite head for Music Fest and Commite head for BOA
  • Future Medical Professionals Treasurer
  • Proud member of Skate for Change, International Club and Ping Pong Club

What Leadership Means to Me

Leadership to me has always been like a second home, it has been a safe place where I could be myself and meet new people many of which share common interests and goals. I spent my freshman year staring at a screen listening as Towner rambled on, but through the screen I felt connected to a family. To the Armijo leadership family. Then when I came back my sophomore year I was finally able to meet them, I was able to put faces to names and finally see the people who I had began to meet online. I have reaped many benefits from this leadership program it has tought me skills that I continue to use in my life especially in my soccer career as I have used the skills I have developed here to help lead my team. I would find it only fitting though to give back to this family. I have taken alot and been a part of the Leadership team, and now I only would find it fair to pay back, all what I have learned and more, by becoming and ASB officer and leaving my mark on this wonderful program and the wonderful people who make it all possible by giving there time to help others. 

Plans for Future of Leadership

Leadership has helped to shape me and I wish to help it do the same for other students at Armijo. My main goal for next year would be to make leadershipv more inclusive as I want every student at Armijo to feel comfortable participating in our events. I would liket to have more events such as multiple Banda Nights and more Night Rallys. I would also like to see more appreciation for some of the sports that might not get enough of the spot like such as our baseball and softball teams, our swimming and diving, our tennis and badminton teams and the soccer and volleyball teams. I would also like to bring back the fun to leadership, bring back that spirt that made the leadership class so special, I want to bring that back so that next year we can have a fun year full of new experiences and memories we will cherish for a lifetime.