From paramedic to counselor


Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

Whenever people have reached out for help, Mr. Aguilar has been there.

Abril Tellez Tamayo, Elections Editor

Mr. Carlos Aguilar has been working at Armijo for about 15 years and continues to be a wonderful and supportive counselor for students. “I love working here, it’s like…it’s a bad example…but it’s like when people watch a series or a soap opera or something like that, there’s a story each day so you tune into the next episode,” he said. “That’s how it feels working here. When I work with each student, I get to know each person and it’s like I’m hearing a story each time.”

Before becoming a counselor, Mr. Aguilar was a paramedic who helped teenagers who were victims. He realized that he would have a bigger impact if he had a job that worked with preventing teens from getting to that point and he started working at Armijo because he was in the area. He is originally from San Francisco, but went to Vanden High School and graduated from San Francisco State.

This school year he’s hoping that a lot of students who have been suffering these past couple of years, especially since COVID began, will be able to find some additional support or find some peace in the challenges that they are facing. Mr. Aguilar plans to work here for as long as possible.

Two of his interests are collecting shoes and working out at least two hours a day. “The reason I like to do that is not so much because I’m trying to get in shape per se, but I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle and it also serves as kind of like my therapy; it’s my way of where I kind of go destress for the day,” he said.

Mr. Aguilar likes to listen to all kinds of music, depending on the setting, and what he’s doing and feeling. “For example if I’m cleaning my house or trying to relax, I listen to more soothing music like R&B; if I’m at the gym working out or trying to get pumped for something, I would listen to Hip Hop,” he said. “I’d listen to Rock or some Reggaeton, but if I’m at family parties and stuff like that you’ll hear nothing but Spanish music, so you’ll hear Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, and Banda.”

While music is the soundtrack of his life, what Mr. Aguilar really loves at the end of the day is to play board games, video games, or build Legos with his kids. He considers quality time with them as a hobby, too.

Caption should be: Mr. Carlos has dedicated his life to helping teens. Swing by his office (or see your counselor) if you ever need to talk.