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The Spring Musical: The Addams Family


Catch the next performance before time runs out.

Talay (Abigail) Valino, Staff writer

This year’s Spring Musical is the story of Wednesday Addams and how she found herself a love interest, Lucas. Being so in love with Lucas, she becomes a whole different person.

Their marriage proposal is kept a secret from both sets of parents, but one day Wednesday tells her father, Gomez Addams, that she is going to marry Lucas and she enlists his help to keep the secret from her mother. Together, they plan a dinner for both the families to meet, talk, and play a traditional game where they have to reveal a lot of secrets, but these plans cause a rift in everyone’s relationships. Of course, that is eventually fixed and the family members end up closer than ever.

For the Spring Musical, there are two different shows with different casts. There is the Tango cast which performs on March 17 (opening night), 25, and April 1, and the Moon cast which performs on March 18, 24, and 31.

The cast for the Tango show include Hector Cisneros (Gomez Addams), Olivia Mauk (Morticia Addams), Ahri Aguba (Wednesday Addams), Lizbeth Torres (Pugsley Addams), Zion White (Grandma), Giordan Gabriel (Lurch), Elli Passey (Fester Addams), Jesus Agredano (Lucas Benieke), Vanessa Molina (Alice Benieke), and Adrian Beuder (Mal Benieke).

The cast for the Moon show were Christian Jeric Jason Ordonez (Gomez Addams), Brenda Alcata (Morticia Addams), Sammi Passey (Wednesday Addams), Mackenzie Ashby (Pugsley Addams), Jasmyne Murphy (Grandma), Adrian Beuder (Lurch), Alayna Adkins (Fester Addams), Hector Cisneros (Lucas Benieke), Julie Agosto (Alice Benieke), and Mary Bonaime (Mal Benieke).

The performances start at 7:30 pm and end around 10pm

I really enjoyed the musical and the ticket for a seat was fairly affordable for just $10 for a student with an ID. I went to the musical with my best friend, Skylar Willis and we agreed that the performance was pretty good. I found some of the jokes pretty funny and laughable. When I watched the musical, I also noticed some of the people on the stage I may know as my classmates, or someone I knew from elementary school or middle school. I really enjoyed some of the musical numbers such as One Normal Night, Full Disclosure, and Crazier than You. The cast are really talented people and I hope to see them perform again one day.