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Talay (Abigail) Valino

Talay (Abigail) Valino, Staff writer

I was born on August 27, 2007, in Berkley, California. I was raised in the Bay Area, most of my life up, but moved to Minnesota when I was in kindergarten. The elementary school I went to in Minnesota made me redo kindergarten after one year of attending it half way. I came back to California in first grade.

In second grade, a year after my family and I moved back to California, my parents split. I moved schools a lot since moving to California, mainly after the split between my parents.

I got into journalism since I learned about diaries and documenting my life with diary journals. I plan to keep doing journalism as a future career.

I like binge watching films/shows and reviewing/rating them afterwards. I've been posting my reviews on my private social media accounts as a series. When I have free time, besides just watching TV and using social media on my phone, I like to take pictures, write in my personal journal, sometimes draw, read, or just listen to music.

This year at Armijo, I hope to pass all my classes, raise my credits, and finish off freshman year with a good start. I’m moving to Minnesota after I finish off freshman year here.

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Talay (Abigail) Valino