Juniors and sophomores, choose your 2021-2022 leaders

Class Officer Elections – June 1


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Every vote counts toward the future Class leadership.

Elijah Shackleford, Staff writer

The school year is coming to an end and finals are almost here. Summer is in sight and the Class of 2021 will soon move onto the next part of their future, but for those who remain, there is another important step: elections for Class Officers to represent the ASB.

What is the ASB? The Associated Student Body (ASB) consists of the students at Armijo, and each year they elect representatives to lead the school and each class, representatives who work together to plan events like proms, social events, and activities around the school.

When will we choose those representatives? On Tuesday, June 1, an e-mail was sent to the students containing a ballot. Along with the Leadership Class vote, the school-wide vote will determine who will serve for the 2021-2022 school year. Voting will be open through Tuesday, June 1.

Who are the candidates? Before you vote, read the e-mail that you receive on June 1. It will include campaign videos and speeches made by the candidates. In these speeches, the candidates will address their platform, their goals and ideas for their class, and their involvement in past programs and clubs. These videos will be a great way to learn more about the candidates and can help you decide on whom to vote for.

It is more important than ever to start planning ahead for the next school year. The Class Officers will work hard to make sure the next school year is memorable for many positive reasons, but it is up to the students to decide who will have that responsibility.

Spending a few minutes viewing the videos and making informed decisions can make a difference in the activities of the year. Keep your eyes open for the anticipated email so you can participate in the ASB elections.

Senior Candidates: 


Junior Candidates:


Sophomore officers and freshman officers will be elected in the fall.

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