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Club Focus: Filipino Club

The Filipino Club highlights an important culture at Armijo.

The Filipino Club highlights an important culture at Armijo.

Talay (Abigail) Valino, Staff Writer

There are many Filipinos in the Armijo High School community, and the Filipino Club allows people a way for them to embrace their culture.

The Filipino Club was developed because there hadn’t been enough representation for Filipino students at Armijo High School. In the club, students gather to share Filipino culture, learn about, experience and explore the culture. Events the Filipino Club hosts include pot luck, field trips, joining in on school events, and meeting people of the same cultural background.

People are often interested in joining the Filipino Club because there is a chance they might learn more about famous Filipino people, like singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo, comedian Jo Koy, and former senator of the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao.

This club was first started in the ‘90s but had faded away when the original teacher, Mr. Lee Inserto, retired a few years ago. Mr. Paul Meihaus, along with a couple of students, revived the club a couple of years before the pandemic started. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the club couldn’t do too much, but last year they did brought back some fun projects, crafts, learning more about their culture, and more. This year they’ll be doing something similar but will still be different because there are always new members and leadership.

Mr. Meihaus is a math teacher, and he hosts the club meetings in his room, B-6, every Tuesday at lunch. Sometimes they have activities after school. Anyone is welcome to join the Filipino Club, even if they’re not Filipino. The club can teach everyone more about Filipino culture.