“Keep working and don’t give up” is good advice

Senior Spotlight – Jeremy Martin

Jeremy has found high school to be pretty chill.

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Jeremy has found high school to be “pretty chill.”

Talay (Abigail) Valino, Staff writer

“It’s really chill, honestly,” said senior Jeremy Martin in thinking about his time at Armijo since his freshman year. Some of his favorite experiences have simply been “hanging out with friends.” Through those times and all of the other ways Armijo has impacted him, Martin said that he learned that he can express himself, as a student and as a person. One tip he shared for current and future students who want to enjoy their time at Armijo is “Just be yourself.”

“As a freshman I was kind of overwhelmed a little bit,” he said, “but as a senior you get used to it.” He described his growth over the years as exponential and that includes how much commitment he has put into his growth and school work since the beginning.

Looking back over the years, Martin admitted that he probably should have spent more time studying and encourages others to do the same. “Keep working and don’t give up,” he said

In the four years he has been at Armijo, his favorite was probably his junior year. International Baccalaureate (IB) “was very fun,” he said. He mentioned that he enjoyed and found TOK (Theory of Knowledge) very fun and he wished that his junior year he had been more dedicated.

“Enjoy your high school time but also stay productive so you can achieve your goals in the future,” he said to future freshmen.

After graduation, Martin is looking forward to college at Sonoma State.