Learning the ways of high school


Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Learning how to be successful and fulfilled – that’s the goal of the assembly.

Talay (Abigail) Valino, Staff writer

On Wednesday, August 31, with the first ten days of school completed, freshmen and sophomores will be invited to a special assembly, led by Interim Vice Principal Clarence Isadore.

The underclassmen will meet in the gym at 2:30 pm and spend about an hour learning how to make high school start and what the expectations are. Vice Principal Isadore wants to prepare students to make high school count, encourage them to get involved in clubs and sports, and explain to them the steps to graduation.

While the juniors and seniors were not affected by COVID in middle school, the underclassmen lost a substantial amount of time in that part of their education and it is important to make sure they remain on the right path and not fall behind.

According to Vice Principal Isadore, “The biggest issue in High School is graduation, making it count, and getting involved”.