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Adilene Ambriz

Adilene Ambriz, Staff writer

Adilene Ambriz is a staff writer. Her  responsibilities include completing stories on time and using her own words to do so. She sometimes interviews people to get the information on her topics. This is her first year doing this type of thing, so she is hoping to  do very well.

Adilene has three siblings and lives with both of her parents. Her mom is her best friend and the only person she could trust with her life. Adilene also has a dog (Mylo) and two cats (Kojo and Kylo, named after Kylo Ren in Star Wars).

She's athletic and  likes to go for runs in the afternoon and walk her dog, as well was play badminton and volleyball. She sometimes plays soccer but doesn't enjoy it as much any more. A fun fact about Adilene is that she once broke her finger playing a sport. The hospital staff gave her a splint for it but she never ended up wearing it because it was very uncomfortable. It might not have healed correctly, as a result,  because it hurts every now and then. 

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Adilene Ambriz