Suisun Valley showcases best practices in sustainability


Many participants left inspired to bring similar initiatives to their respective schools, highlighting the potential for widespread positive change in California’s educational landscape.

Lindsey Michels, FSUSD Communications Manager/Public Information Officer

FAIRFIELD, CA – On Thursday, May 18, 2023, Suisun Valley K-8 School opened its doors to host a highly anticipated tour, demonstrating its exemplary sustainable practices to representatives from the California Department of Education along with staff members from various school districts across California. The event provided an invaluable opportunity for attendees to witness firsthand the implementation of green initiatives that have transformed Suisun Valley K-8 into a national model for sustainability in education.

Suisun Valley K-8 School received the prestigious 2022 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools designation, showcasing its dedication to promoting cost-saving, health-promoting, and performance-enhancing sustainability practices. As a Green Ribbon School, Suisun Valley K-8 has effectively demonstrated how schools can become beacons of environmental stewardship and educate students on the importance of sustainable living.

During the tour, participants were treated to a comprehensive showcase of sustainable design, operations, and management practices that foster health, equity, educational outcomes, resource efficiency, and cost savings. Attendees had the unique opportunity to witness the positive impact of green practices on the learning environment. The tour highlighted initiatives such as student-led agriculture and gardening projects, outdoor and indoor student cooking areas, and water conservation programs.

“Hosting this tour has allowed Suisun Valley K-8 School to highlight our commitment to sustainability,” said Principal Jas Bains Wright. “As a Green Ribbon School, we have demonstrated how schools can exemplify environmental stewardship and educate students on the importance of sustainable living. Our hope is that the attendees will not only be inspired by what they saw but also take these best practices back to their own districts, creating positive change on a broader scale.”

The tour received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with attendees expressing their admiration for the breadth and depth of sustainable practices implemented by Suisun Valley K-8 School.