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College Focus: UC Davis


UC Davis has most amenities within bicycling distance.

Dulce Bernal Ortiz, Co-Editor-in-Chief / People editor

Are you looking for a college that is close to home? What about a college that is located in a town setting instead of the city? Then, this is the place for you!

University of California (UC) Davis is a public land-grant university located near Davis, and is the northernmost campus of the UC campus system. It was first founded in 1905 as an institution serving as an agricultural branch of the system. However, over the last decades, UC Davis has expanded to include additional areas of study in medicine, law, humanities, business, etc. As a side note, Davis offers both undergraduate and graduate/professional programs. For more information, visit:

Besides the academic aspect of UC Davis, it is also known for its great dining and food services, which range from campus restaurants and residential dining halls to coffee shops, markets, and food truck rodeos, in which delicious and nutritious meals are provided, made from sustainable sources. For example, Latitude, a 500-seat dining commons, offers a separate retail cafe and market, they serve food to go as well as food from different regions such as Latin America, Asia, Europe, India, as well as from the Middle East.

According to US News, UC Davis has an acceptance rate of 49% which is somewhat selective. SAT/ACT scores are not required to submit for admission, however a student’s GPA is a very important academic factor. High school class rank and letters of recommendation are not considered in the selection process at UC Davis. The application deadline was November 30, with a fee of $70.

In-state-tuition at UC Davis is approximately $14,700, about $30,000 less than out-of-state students pay. This cost includes both tuition and fees, also known as the sticker price; however it is critical that you keep in mind the additional cost of room and board, books and supplies, technology resources, student centers, transportation and personal expenses. But don’t feel overwhelmed! Financial aid is available for students, which can come in the form of student grants, loans, and scholarships. You can fill out the FAFSA form, which opens every October 1, and is recommended by many experts, as every year, thousands of dollars are being unclaimed by students. But make sure to fill it out as soon as possible, as it is first come, first serve!

Some of the most notable alumni from UC Davis include American lawyer and politician Jackie Speier, Hong Kong chef Martin Yan, American chemist and NASA astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson, former American football quarterback Ken O’Brien, and former Hong Kong actress Kate Tsui.