Campus welcomes LGBTQ+ students

College Focus: Stanford


Aldo Suarez, Classes Editor

For some LGTBQ+ students, it might feel difficult to choose a college campus where they can feel accepted, but that is not the case with Stanford University. 

Finding a positive environment where they can feel safe and respected is always the best thing. Some things that an LGTBQ+ student should look into when finding a safe college environment, according to are:

  • A place where there are clear non-discrimination policies in place
  • A vibrant LGTBQ student life
  • Academic options for LGTBQ classes and majors 
  • Gender Inclusive housing and restrooms
  • LGTBQ specific health care options 
  • Active campus safety training and procedures. 

Campus Pride which was an online networking community established in 2001 and later adopted in 2006 with a new name: This online network focused on serving LGBTQ+ student leaders and campus organizations in developing better leadership, support programs and services to make LGBTQ+ students feel comfortable and more colleges and universities safe and friendly places. is utilized by students by also using campus index, Campus Index allows a 1-5 star rating for colleges and universities depending on how they establish and set the example of their rules regarding LGBTQ+ supportive policies, LGBTQ+ student resources, and other criteria. 

Stanford University has been a big player in the LGBTQ+ community. The Gay People Union was founded in 1971 and is now called Stanford Pride. It turned into an organization that provided support for the LGBTQ+ community. The students attending Stanford also have access to all the resources the campus has to offer, including LGBTQ+ communities, student spaces, and healing spaces. Calling back to the Campus Pride system, Stanford has received five stars, which means they have followed and established the rules to make LGBTQ+ students and communities feel comfortable on campus.

Campuses are constantly working to improve sustainability and supportive housing for LGBTQ+ students. Many colleges have also started moving into gender inclusive residence halls. According to Campus Pride, over 250 colleges and universities offer gender inclusive residence halls.

Stanford has also won President’s Award for Excellence & Excellent Princeton Review, so while they assist the LGBTQ+ population, they are a good choice for all students, regardless of gender or sexual preference. The number of LGBTQ+ students is growing, pushing universities to create gender neutral & and exclusive housing and bathrooms. 

But it is not only about feeling comfortable as a student in the present. Stanford offers nearly 100 different majors to help all students plan for the future, with nearly 100 majors for undergraduate students. While it can be expensive, with tuition alone costing over $50,000 per year (, there is financial aid available and it is close enough to Solano to access quick weekend visits home and familial support. 

The school does not take just anyone, however. Students who attend Stanford generally have a high school GPA of at least 3.96, although incoming freshmen in 2022 will not need to show evidence of an SAT score. In the past, the expected scores for freshmen and transfer students has been as high as 1400 or better.

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