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Melissa Zepeda

Melissa Zepeda, Staff writer

Melissa Zepeda writes for The Armijo Signal. She’s timid, honest, and of course, always curious for what might come next. She usually finds it easier to express herself through writing rather than in person. Unfortunately  this young teenager suffers from social anxiety and is on the edge of having panic attack throughout her day. This does not get in the way of her dreams, it gives her another reason to never give up despite her anxiety!

Her passions are feminism and gaining equal rights for her people. She grew up learning Spanish and now wants the world to know that Mexican people are some of the most hardworking people.

She loves to watch anime and spend time with friends under the blue sky, when she’s all alone she enjoys reading any romantic book. One of her big responsibilities is to complete her school work to get good grades and make her family beyond proud.

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Melissa Zepeda