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Julissa Madrigal

Julissa Madrigal, Events Editor

Hello! My name is Julissa Madrigal, but feel free to call me Jules for short.

I've lived in California for most of my years. I grew up living in a small town called Mcfarland. My parents, family, and my siblings all lived in a small house. You can imagine how pretty cramped it is, especially with the Madrigal family.

After we moved to Fairfield, it was a big change in our lives since we had never really moved anywhere before.

I started kindergarten at E. Ruth Sheldon Elementary and was promoted from there after 8th grade.

At this moment in my lifetime I enjoyed drawing, playing instruments, creating disasters, and so much more. I was a handful to my mom, but she was always happy to see me cherish my youth.

Going to high school felt like a dream to me when I was young because I was finally going to experience what everyone else bragged about. When I first got to Armijo I would draw and daydream every art I would want to publish in my future. I trust you, to this day I draw in my free time. I ended up falling and hitting rock bottom, but that won't stop me from graduating. I went to Sem Yeto and Summer School to make up for what I needed to. I finally got it and I am happy.

Now here I stand in Armijo ground as a senior who's going to graduate this June 2023.

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Julissa Madrigal