June 2018: Sibling Spotlight | Close but Reserved

Diana Villalobos, Staff Writer

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Amanda and Alex Craenembroek have a challenge with their Dutch name, but they don’t really face a challenge in their relationship as brother and sister. “What I like about my brother is that he drives me around and he’s like my best friend,” said Amanda.

While Amanda thinks fondly of her brother and referred to him as “the guy I can go to when I’m feeling sad and need to laugh,” Alex admits that there can be a level of annoyance when sharing a campus. Fortunately, they don’t have any classes together and that makes it easier.

“If we both hang out, we usually play video games and talk,” said Alex. Amanda said that she usually likes to hang out with her brother but she feels like he doesn’t feel the same way. Their older sister, Alicia, graduated from Armijo in 2017. “Both of my siblings like to be in my business and that’s one thing I don’t really like,” said Amanda.

Amanda’s observation about Alex may be somewhat accurate. “She kinda talks a lot,” he said, joking about one of the things he doesn’t like. It doesn’t seem to deter his younger sister. “He’s one of my inspirations and I looks up to him and love him,” said Amanda. Alex loves his sister, too. “She’s really smart, but annoying at the same time,” he said.

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June 2018: Sibling Spotlight | Close but Reserved