Feb 2018: At Work | All in the Family

Jasriya Kukreja, Staff Writer

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Mannaseh Bates have been working in the maintenance department at Chevron for two years. His employer is his own mother, Ms. Sara Bates.

At work, he is supposed to wear tan pants and a company shirt. His job is to clean everything and fix something if it is broken. This is his first job and he has learned to be a dedicated employee. He described himself as very hardworking, and polite to every customer.

Bates works 40+ hours a week and, after taxes, earns around $400 every two weeks. He claims that the most difficult part to be working eight hour shifts, five days a week.

While he spends a lot of time working and at school, Bates keeps his dream of becoming a professional baseball player alive. When he is not at the job, he is usually working out in the gym or at baseball practice. He is fortunate to have a job that allows him the flexibility to continue pursuing his dream and is able to clock in hours whenever he wants.

Bates originally wanted to work so that he would not have to ask money from parents and would be more independent. The best job advice he had was “if you do not know something, ask. Try it by yourself and know what you’re doing.”

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Feb 2018: At Work | All in the Family