Jan 2018 At Work | Coffee, anyone?

Vivian Cuyo (on right) and her manager at Pete's (left)

Vivian Cuyo (on right) and her manager at Pete's (left)

Vivian Cuyo (on right) and her manager at Pete's (left)

Adriana Bernal, Classes & Clubs editor

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There are few things that can beat the enjoyment of soft music, sweet smells, and a great cup of coffee. Vivian Cuyo has the unique privilege of enjoying all of this at her job. Cuyo works as a barista and cashier at Peet’s Coffee in Fairfield. As a barista, Cuyo is able to make some delicious coffee creations, such as lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos. She even knows a little bit about doing latte art, where the foam forms a design!

Since December of 2016, this job has been a happy medium for Cuyo, as she did not want to work retail or at a drive-thru restaurant. She has a deep love for coffee, so it worked out perfectly. Getting the job was a natural choice for her. “I had been going there for such a long time, so they kinda just asked if I was looking for a job!” she said.

Not only does she get to make fun coffee drinks, but Cuyo also gets to build relationships with people. One of her favorite aspects about the job is the interaction with both her coworkers and regular customers. They engage in interesting conversations about school, how their days went, and life in general. Her relationships with these people are very close and laid back. The coworkers and customers “have both sort of become my family in a way,” Cuyo said. “My manager and shift lead even helped me with my college apps. Regulars always tell me about their lives which really makes my day.”

When Cuyo is not busy taking drink orders or being a leadership student, she spends her free time reading, drawing, and painting. As of lately, she has been really enjoying theatre and how fun it is.

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Jan 2018 At Work | Coffee, anyone?