Four years well spent in Leadership

ASB Focus – Austin Sidhu, Senior Class Vice President

Time in Leadership has not been in vain.

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Time in Leadership has not been in vain.

Senior Austin Sidhu chose to go into student government “because of the changes and opportunities that I can provide to the best of my ability,” he said. With that in mind, he believes that Armijo can be even better than it is right now.

No matter how big or small the changes he helps make, Sidhu just loves knowing he has a part in making a difference. In his role as Class Vice President for the class of 2023, he has had the opportunity to listen to people and to find out what they want to see in the last year of the class, but he hasn’t restricted his attention to seniors. “I believe that everybody’s voice should be heard,” he said.

Sidhu has come with experience, since he joined Armijo’s leadership class as a freshman. During COVID was the hardest because “there’s only so much you can do behind a screen,” he said, and he believes he could have done so much more for Armijo if the pandemic had not interrupted his tenure.

“I’d recommend student government to anyone,” he said. “Leadership skills are a great trait to have in the real world.”

While he would recommend student government as a way to get more experience in leadership, he would also suggest that all students participate in the events. “Something that I would like to change about Armijo is the involvement. Recently, not many non-leadership students have been involved in leadership events; as if there’s a barrier between leadership and non-leadership students. My goal is to break this barrier and restore Armijo to what it was before,” he said.