Personal growth is an important process for humans


Both humans and plants undergo a similar process of growth

Dulce Bernal Ortiz, People Editor/Co-Editor-in-Chief

As human beings, we all go through processes of growth and development, much like a plant but at different times from one another. We’re not just talking physically, which is obviously inevitable because we age, but growth in the sense of becoming a different and better version of ourselves. Humans are constantly evolving and changing, for example we are most likely not the same person from five years ago. However, it is a necessary process in order to discover our true identities, our purpose in life, and even our place in the world. Personal growth is a very broad term, and isn’t limited to academics or the professional world, but can also expand to an internal level such as emotions, our spirituality, even the way we connect with others. 

But let us go back to the general process of growth, which usually needs various elements of support. For example, in order for a plant to grow, they need basic things such as good soil that has nutrients, water, sunshine, air, and the occasional fertilizer. Us humans undergo a similar process and need those specific things in order to grow and become the best version of ourselves. If that is your goal for this new year, then here is a list of things that can help you grow as a person:

  1. Identify your personal values – what matters to you most? What are the things that make you feel like your life has a meaning or purpose? Being aware of your values can greatly help you in making important decisions in your life, such as choosing a career. 
  2. Consider practicing daily gratitude – it is considered a positive psychology method that can help you find ways to be grateful for the things that happen in your life, which also helps in leading a fulfilling life. Daily gratitude also helps you embrace your personal strengths. 
  3. Set short and long-term goals – Goals are an effective way of keeping you on track and also serve as a way to track your progress as to how much you have grown over a certain period of time. 
  4. Explore new things – Go out there and try something you have never done before, even if it might seem scary and daunting at first. Who knows, opportunities might come up, or it could even become your hobby, and something you are truly passionate about that gives your life purpose.