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2023 Editor Focus – Valeria Perez, Contests & Scholarships

Valeria has years of journalistic experiences.

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Valeria has years of journalistic experiences.

I can definitely say that these past four years have been a long journey. As a freshman I started completely inexperienced in writing. Now I can say I feel more confident when I have to write an essay or anything that requires writing in general. Along the way I’ve learned about so many various topics. Some of my favorite things to write about were National Days. There are tons of National Days dedicated to the things you would least expect, like National Walking Day (April 5), for example, or National Go Birding Day (April 29).

Besides being an editor, Valeria Perez is a hard-working student! (Photo by DeMauriae Ross)

It was almost ironic the way I started Journalism. I started taking the class as an elective, not caring too much for it. Before then I wasn’t big on writing. I kind of hated it. Slowly I learned to appreciate the skill of writing and ended up participating in journalism all four years of high school. The process of research and rough draft to final draft became so much smoother. I no longer get overwhelmed when I know I have to write an essay for my assignments.

Thank you for the opportunities and skills I was able to practice while being part of the team. This will be my last editorial as I am graduating at the end of this semester. So, if there’s anything you take from this, just try that thing out, you could end up really enjoy it.