When the melody is right…


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

If music be the food of love, play on. (Shakespeare)

Kelly Nguyen, Staff Writer

During the Valentine season it’s common to see people expressing their love for one another, whether it’s platonic or romantic. Love can be expressed in many different ways: it can be expressed through gifts, acts of service, quality time, or love songs.

Love songs are a great and creative way to express your love for someone, thoughts and feelings are put into these songs which make them a genuine way to convey your emotions. But what do all love songs have in common?

According to Oupblog, love songs originated as courtship. Even now some people write love songs to court another. Love songs aren’t limited to courting someone, however. They’re also ways for artists to write about their feelings or tell a story.

Different types of love are talked about in these songs too such as romantic love, the feeling of falling in love, or heartbreak.

But how did love songs get popular? CP&W states that love is linked to powerful emotions and when those emotions are expressed through songs people can sympathize with the message the artist is trying to convey. A recurring theme in love songs are the strong expressions of emotion, whether it’s about a blissful first love or being jealous of someone, the strong declaration of feelings makes their point.

Although they have their differences, love songs have a lot in common. The strong emotions that come from each song, the heartfelt lyrics, and the story behind the song are common key points found in love songs that link them all together.