Trying new things leads to success

Sophomore Class Secretary: Elizabeth Penados

Elizabeth is thriving in her new position with the Class of 2025.

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Elizabeth is thriving in her new position with the Class of 2025.

This year, Elizabeth Penados took the position of Sophomore Class Secretary. This is her second year as one of the officers for the Class of 2025. Last year, she served as Freshman Class President. 

Penados joined leadership because she felt it would be something new and different to try. She ran for a Class Officer position the last two years because she likes to have the influence and to lead people, she likes to take charge of situations. She is most likely going to run once again next school year for another Class Officer position as a junior and for an ASB (Associated Student Body) officer in her senior year. Ever since she joined leadership, she has wanted to be an ASB officer. 

She is passionate about things she commits her mind to and will do anything that needs to be done. Being a Class Officer can be rough at times, with the stress and challenges involved, but it’s also fun because “you get your projects put together,” said Penados. She believes that some traits a good leader should have are: transparency, honesty, commitment, influence on people, and being passionate.

Being Sophomore Class Secretary is time consuming, but there is so much more to Penados, especially at school, where she is in the IB (International Baccalaureate) program, has played volleyball, is in the Stitchers’ Club, and currently plays soccer on the varsity team.

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