Leading the Class toward 2025

Freshman President – Elizabeth Penados


Emily Torres Maravilla

Elizabeth is starting her high school career in control.

“I chose to go into student government because I felt that I could take on a leadership role and I wanted to be there for my fellow peers when they need it,” said the newly elected President of the Class of 2025, Elizabeth Penados.

“There is a lot of leadership skills involved with being president,” she said, acknowledging the importance of being able to collaborate with peers.

She said that she was interested in running for office because she felt that she could take on a strong leadership role, and she hopes to carry this experience throughout high school and into college. “I do genuinely enjoy leadership,” she said.

Penados is in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and also plays competitive soccer for a club team with the hope of earning scholarship opportunities.

Those challenges aren’t enough to keep her busy, though. “I like to do different forms of art such as painting, drawing, and makeup,” she said. “When I graduate I would like to go to college and study either law or cosmetology.”

But before she finishes high school, she wanted to share some advice with other students who might be considering being part of student leadership. “First off, know what you’re getting into,” she said. “From the sidelines, helping students seems easy but trying to get everybody to collaborate [can be a challenge]…”I personally like being a part of class office but it does have its ups and downs.”

As a class officer, she knows it can be hard, especially when things aren’t going according to plan. “You have to stay enthusiastic and persistent and always have a good attitude,” said Penados, and that is the way she strives to live and to lead.

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