Mutual understanding creates international awareness


Luis Desiro on Unsplash

Learning to understand and respect other people and their culture is the first step in creating a prosperous future for mankind.

Maya Adimora, Co-Editor-in-Chief / Beyond the Gates editor

Being able to easily commune with people all over the world is a recent development in human history. Before major advancements in communication devices, people were limited to their immediate surroundings and spent their entire lives in the same area. Now, this is an entirely different story. The creation of the Internet, computers, and phones allows us to message, call, and video chat strangers and loved ones in a matter of minutes.

But, with great power comes great responsibility. It is more important than ever to tolerate and learn more about the people we share this planet with. We live in an age where everyone is more interconnected than ever and one small action can cause a worldwide phenomenon. As a result, we forget about the existence of different viewpoints by looking at the world from one perspective.

This edition of The Armijo Signal shows a handful of ways you can broaden your horizons and learn about different cultures. The first step in understanding others’ traditions, behaviors, and lives, in general, is to understand a language or two outside of your own. Writing letters to a Pen Pal in a different country can allow you to deepen your knowledge of another culture while creating an intimate connection. If you want to pursue something short-term, try traveling outside your country’s borders. Appreciate the different cultures you encounter when you have the chance and visit somewhere new and foreign.