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Volunteer: Pablo Naranjo, Food Banks

Pablo Naranjo recommends you volunteer in your community

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Pablo Naranjo recommends you volunteer in your community

Kaiden Taylor, Staff Writer

“I mainly started volunteering because of CAS hours for the IB (International Baccalaureate) program,” said Pablo Naranjo. CAS hours stand for Community, Activity and Service and IB students are required to have a specific number by graduation to qualify for the IB diploma. But that’s not the only reason Naranjo volunteers. “But I also do it because I just like to help people,” he said.

Naranjo works at local food banks. He chose the specific one because “it was close by so I can go there more often,” he said. “I can also go to other places like Vacaville but it’s more far away.”

Earning CAS hours and helping people are good reasons to volunteer, but Naranjo has other reasons, too. “I like meeting new people. You meet different people and different cultures and ages [when you volunteer]. It is good to be more a part of the community and learn more about people.”

Naranjo would like to see others get more involved in the community. “People should volunteer because it’s helping your community and there are people in need of help and you can help them by volunteering at shelters and place like this,” he said. “I’d say to start volunteering or try to start volunteering once a week maybe, and if you feel like you’re doing the right things and you like it, keep doing it and try to enjoy yourself.”