Secretary ready to get this show on the road

Freshman Secretary Kiera Tomko

Kiera is ready to start making a lasting impression in Leadership.

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Kiera is ready to start making a lasting impression in Leadership.

Melissa Martinez, Staff Writer

“I felt like I could help out and actually be a part of something,” said Kiera Tomko, the secretary for the Class of 2026.

Tomko said that her primary responsibility is “to make sure everything is running smoothly.”  As secretary, It is her responsibility to review and sign over documents concerning monetary budgets and balances. 

Her goals for her position are simple. “Mainly I want everyone to have a stress-free fun time,” she said. Along with her fellow officers, Tomko is taking the first steps in creating a safe environment where everyone feels welcome. This is done by successfully collaborating with the other officers. In an otherwise intimidating environment, our new officers are ensuring that students feel free to share and contribute their ideas. 

As an officer, Tomko motivates and encourages others to be a part of the school and actively participate in events hosted by the school. She carries her inclusive and fair-minded mentality onto the volleyball court where she plays on the junior varsity team.

She not only has to balance school, leadership, and volleyball but also has the additional responsibility to add gymnastics to her long list of extracurriculars. 

By tackling issues and problems with an open mind accompanied by innovative ideas, our new freshman secretary shows a promising future for Armijo.