Artistic genius named after a season


Gabby Laurent

By age 14, Autumn de Forest had already gained national recognition and millions for her paintings.

Melissa Martinez, Staff writer

“I like the idea that whatever I put a frame around could be art—even ordinary things like soup and soap,” artist Autumn de Forest said on Park West Gallery.

De Forest was born in Los Angeles on October 26, 2001, and she will celebrate her 21st birthday next month. Still, she has accomplished unbelievable feats in her lifetime. Her first experience with art is considered to be an accident. According to The Inside Stories behind the Early Works of Autumn de Forest, “Her father, Doug de Forest, discovered Autumn’s latent talent after she ‘messed around’ with some wood stain in the family’s garage.” What came after this is unimaginable.

She was declared an artistic genius at just the age of 8. De Forest’s growth as a person and an artist can be seen through her artworks throughout the years.

“She didn’t feel she had a point to get across. She just wanted to create, she explained,” according to Autumn de Forest On Artistic Inspiration! However, this was just the beginning.

When De Forest grew older she developed her personal taste in art and learned from her idols. She describes this as “Whoever I’m inspired by at the time is my teacher. As I learn about him and do research and read I feel like I’m working with him.” Barbie
Marylin, American Graphic, and Heart Target are all examples of this artistic process.

As for artistic techniques, De Forest is constantly experimenting. She has notably drawn inspiration from Jasper Johns by using encaustic, melted wax as an artistic medium. Other materials include cement, plaster, wood, and of course acrylic paint. The Guiseppe Sciacca Award for Painting and Art was rewarded to Autumn De Forest in 2015.

De Forest has made countless contributions to the artistic world and has made it possible for others to do the same through her organization, The Autumn de Forest Foundation. De Forest and her foundation shed light on the fact that the future of art and expression is in the hands of the youth. De Forest acknowledges the importance of individuality and strives to make a world where individuality and expression are valued by making the necessary changes.

She serves as an example of the abilities and knowledge that young artists possess. De Forest has provided the modern world with the rare opportunity to witness the artistic evolution and growth of an individual. Through her artwork, she displays a unique ability to interpret social issues and create art. Autumn De Forest has already accomplished so much, and still so much awaits.

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