Three share AHS experience

Sibling Spotlight – The Harrells



Three siblings can find a lot to celebrate together on and off campus.

Viridiana White, Sports Editor

Chateau, Dimaggio, and Israel Harrell are originally from Vallejo and, while the three have shared Armijo’s campus for the last two years, Chateau has not always been at school with his younger siblings, who are twins.

Chateau (ID picture)

For a time, the three attended Crystal Middle School together, too, but then Chateau moved up to high school and it took two more years before the twins joined him. Israel said that she and her twin have enjoyed following in their older brother’s footsteps, although there are a few mixed emotions about going to the same school. Sometimes it is cool to be around family on campus, but other times Israel said that it could be a little embarrassing, “but it feels nice that we aren’t alone.”

DiMaggio (ID Photo)

Even though they are on the same campus, the three don’t really hang out because they each have different friend groups, people who only see the family resemblance because of the shared last name.

One of the benefits the siblings found in going to the same campus is that their mother only has to drop them off at one location. It wasn’t as convenient as when they are going to two separate schools.

Despite being raised in the same household, though, they have taken on distinct

Israel (ID Photo)

interests and goals. Chateau enjoys playing basketball and making music while Dimaggio prefers playing soccer and listening to music. Israel’s hobbies lean more toward the creative realm. She enjoys animating, making art, and playing video games.

Neither Chateau nor Dimaggio is looking forward to going to college, but Israel is still unsure of her educational goals.