Dodger makes #22 notable

Kershaws jersey is very popular with Dodger fans.

Kershaw’s jersey is very popular with Dodger fans.

LunaBella Peralta, Events editor

As a high school senior Clayton Kershaw took a chance and went pro with the Los Angeles Dodgers. What he didn’t know was that his skill and passion would take him all the way to becoming a hall of fame athlete and grow into one of the most iconic pitchers.

Kershaw, who wears #22 for the team, started his athletic career at a young age as he engaged in both baseball and football at his Texas schools. However, at Highland Park High School, Kershaw gained a reputation in baseball and quickly became considered one of the best high school pitchers in the United States. By the end of his senior year Kershaw had earned multiple awards and was even named the Gatorade National Player of the Year. His talent was being recognized by many, including the Los Angeles Dodgers whom he joined after being selected in the 2006 major league draft (Clayton Kershaw Biography & Los Angeles Dodgers Career).

His journey in the minor leagues would shape his career as his impressive work landed him a spot in the Midwest League All-Star Game and the All-Star Future Games. After two years of preparation in the minor league, Kershaw finally made his debut with the Dodgers major league on May 25, 2008. He finished his year strong as he was included on the Dodger Championship Series Roster. In 2011, he was named Dodger Opening Day starter as his reputation of being an impressive pitcher still remained.

Off the field Kershaw has supported many nonprofit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Ping Pong 4 Purpose. He even founded the Hope’s Home Foundation which focuses on building orphanages in Lusaka, Zambia (Clayton Kershaw Biography & Los Angeles Dodgers Career).

Since day one, Clayton Kershaw has shown dedication to the sport of baseball. From starting out on Texas school leagues to signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Kershaw has shown passion for the sport he loves. Today, Kershaw continues to prove his place on the field as he reps #22 and pitches his famous throws.