ASB Candidate Marian Supapo

Marian is ready to lead the school in fun and growth.

Marian is ready to lead the school in fun and growth.

What’s up! My name is Marian Supapo and I am a junior in hopes of becoming one of your future ASB officers. I have been enrolled in Armijo’s leadership program since my freshman year, and have enjoyed being able to see it continue to grow and develop. Being involved in the Leadership program has also given me the opportunity to create new relationships and memories that are irreplaceable. 

A little bit about me

I am 17 years old and the eldest child in my family of four. I enjoy running and playing basketball, and have been a part of Armijo’s cross country, track, and basketball team for the past three years. In my free time I enjoy dancing, baking, and spending time with my family and friends. I am currently one of the Junior class officers and this school year I had the chance to serve as a SPED commissioner. This position has given me the opportunity to create new connections and memories with an amazing group of students on our campus. Through being SPED commissioner I have been able to help plan and participate in great events such as the Special Olympics Basketball and Track Meet, where SPED students from Armijo and other schools in our county are able to have fun and play sports together. 

Why I am running for ASB

Ever since joining the program my freshman year, Leadership has always been a huge part of my high school experience. I would not have been able to create the amazing memories or have the friendships I have without being involved in the program. Being able to have a Leadership “family” that is welcoming and supportive has had such a huge impact on myself. Looking back at where I started in the program, I have realized how much I have grown because of Leadership along with the people I have met and opportunities it has given me. Leadership has brought out qualities in myself that I never even realized I possessed. The girl I knew freshman year would never have been able to have the courage to step out of her comfort zone and reach out to new people, embarrass herself for Leadership festivities, or even think of running to be an ASB candidate. These things would never have happened without the guidance and experiences I have had through Leadership. Being able to see this huge transformation in myself over the past couple of years has inspired me to run for a spot in the ASB panel. I would love to be able to help others find leadership qualities that they may not know they have, create unforgettable memories, and be able to develop into the best versions of themselves.