A move north after living south

Far from Home – Victor Manuel Ramirez deJesus, Mexico via Arizona


Emily Torres Maravilla

Victor’s life in the United States has come full circle.

Victor Manuel Ramirez deJesus may have started his life in Phoenix, Arizona, but he’s spent the majority of his life in Oaxaca, Mexico.

He returned to the United States on August 8, 2018, when he was 14-years old and, since his father had already lived in the area for several years, he came to Armijo. It’s nice, but it isn’t home.

“In my town, it was very nice,” said Ramirez. “It was always the same to walk to school, and honestly I hardly liked it very much. Only when it started to rain were my favorite days.”

He came to the United States to obtain secure his American citizenship, but decided to stay and study here. That means he had to leave his mother and 6-year old friend, someone he knew from school, behind in Oaxaca.

.Now that he is here, he can see the benefits to going to a school like Armijo. And what does he like the most? “Honestly, the kindness of the teachers, they are very patient, also the help of the counselors,” he said. He has been thinking lately that it would be nice to be on the baseball team, too.

Living in California has been good, but after he graduates, he’s considering going out of state for college. “Maybe Portland, Oregon or Idaho,” he said. But for now, he’s enjoying what California, and Armijo High School, have to offer.