Theatre has something for everyone

In This Class: Theatre 1


Emily Torres Maravilla

Sometimes, Theatre 1 Class is all fun and games.

Anissa Sanchez, Staff Writer

Potentially, there are a lot of future actors at Armijo, and many of them are just beginning to discover what it means to be stars.

Currently, the students are learning about characterization, reviewing or possibly being introduced to the ideas of internal and external character traits. They are learning about character depth as well as how to portray the character better, using what they know and can infer. 

Before the students work, however, they generally play a couple of games, called theatrical warm-ups. About once a week, either on Monday or Friday, Theatre 1 classes do a Circle Up to discuss or comment on how the weekend was or to get to know one another better. Lately, the warm-ups have been led by different, random leaders so that each student gets a turn to lead. 

While it may all seem like fun and games, the members of the class also do a combination of paper assignments and digital assignments, and at the end of each unit there is a performance or presentation. The first one was done by Ms. Sheena Beeson, the Theatre 1 teacher.

This class is a great way to socialize and make new friends. Most people in the class are really understanding and nice!  


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