How to shop at thrift stores


Photo by Sean Benesh on Unsplash

Not only is thrifting a great way to help the environment, you might just find your next favorite piece of clothing,

LunaBella Peralta, Events editor

With the recent popularity in sustainable fashion, thrift shopping has become an affordable and convenient way to take action. However, it can be overwhelming to find the pieces you’re looking for in rows of mismatched clothing.

One of the unique pros of thrift shopping is that all the items are different and can be one of a kind, unlike fast fashion. Here are some tips for tackling your next thrifting trip that will ensure a successful purchase:

  • When shopping, it’s easy to scan the racks of clothing instead of actually going through each piece. Try to pick each item apart and take a good look to see if it’s something you’re looking for. You never know what can be hidden behind a piece of clothing.
  • Don’t be shy to visit both the men and women’s section of clothing. When shopping for vintage clothing sizes usually run small so don’t be afraid to venture to see what the other sections might have and what fits you best. By visiting both sections you’re exposed to more options and may find something you never thought of wearing before.
  • If you’re in a time crunch and not interested in looking at every piece of clothing, come with a game plan. Having an idea of what you want in mind helps resist unnecessary purchases and scanning. With a plan in mind, head straight to your desired sections and focus there rather than other places.
  • Lastly, finding what you want may take patience. Unlike a traditional store, thrift stores don’t have unlimited merchandise on exactly what you want. This means trying a variety of different stores till you find what you want.

The next time you take a trip to your local thrift store, remember these tips to ensure a successful trip.