From 9 to 12, sisters cover it all

Sibling spotlight – Khan sisters frame AHS


Together alphabetically, but separated by grades, these two make a name for themselves.

Diana Villalobos, Entertainment editor

Zaina Khan is celebrating her last year at Armijo, but her sister Yasmina is barely starting her high school journey. Although this is the only year they are spending together at the same high school, they most likely won’t get to share the moments of passing by each other on campus due to Distance Learning.

This won’t be the first time that Yasmina has shared a campus with her sister, but it may be the last. “The best thing of having a sibling in the same school… is being able to see her and wave as I pass by… and spending my recess with her,” said Yasmina. “I don’t recall anything bad with spending time with my siblings.” On campus or not, the Khan sisters enjoy spending time together.

Because of their grade difference, even if they were on campus together, they wouldn’t be sharing any classes or teachers. Their younger sister, Eliza, will not have the opportunity either. She is only in second grade and attends Dan O. Root.

Yasmina said that she would consider going to the same college as her older sister, but that depends on their destinations. She is considering a career in medicine, but Zaina did not share her goals.

Before she embarks on that part of her future, Yasmina will have plenty of time to experience the Armijo campus. Although she was a little concerned about bullying, she had a positive outlook about the future years on campus. “I don’t know if I’m ready to go back to Armijo in person but honestly, whatever happens happens,” she said.

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