Different can be a very positive thing


Gertrude Etienne, Staff writer

Nick Vujicic, pronounced voo-yi-chich, is an Australian-American evangelist who has amazed audiences worldwide.

Vujicic was born on December 4, 1982 with a condition known as tetra amelia syndrome. This syndrome is what caused him to be born without arms or legs. According to Wikipedia, when he was born, even his parents were disgusted by his limbless body, and it took a while for them to accept his unique appearance. He now stands only 3’3” tall, but his powerful message brings positivity to all who hear him.

In his website, he explains that he grew up with many issues. He was bullied all throughout his youth for his condition, which impacted his confidence and self-esteem. He ended up with depression and even became suicidal at one point.

However, he persevered, conquered his challenges, and has become a strong advocate for anti- bullying. He travels as a motivational speaker for students, to help stop bullying and help those who are dealing with bullying get through the tough times.

Vujicic is a highly sought after speaker. He became inspired to speak and motivate people at the age of seventeen when his mother showed him a newspaper article that focused on a woman with a disability praying. After he went to college to get his Bachelors, he started an international non-profit organization and ministry along with his motivational speaking company.

His website tells us that he is “husband to his beautiful wife Kanae and father of four children.” In addition to speaking at public functions and schools, he has been featured on several national and international TV and radio broadcasts and has his one show, “The Nick Vujicic Podcast.”

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