Chucky has a day dedicated to him

Chucky the Notorious Killer Doll Day – October 25



Although he looks innocent, he is very dangerous.

Adena Brumme, Staff writer

October 25 is a day dedicated to horror in the form of a toy. Chucky the Notorious Killer Doll Day honors the frightening embodiment of evil that made his debut in 1988 with the first Chucky movie, Child’s Play.

The premise is that Chucky was once a serial killer, Chucky Charles Lee Ray, who was being chased down by the police after an attempted robbery. He ended up getting shot and landed next to a Good Guy doll. That is when he transferred his soul, like he had done with several of his victims in a voodoo ritual. The Good Guy doll was a very popular toy that many parent(s) were buying for their children.

A woman named Karen bought that doll for her son, Andy. Chucky couldn’t remain in the doll, so he needed to get a new body, and Andy seemed to be a likely candidate. And the legend was born.

Chucky, even though he was only a doll, was actually terrifying back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It was a doll capable of human murder. He could walk, talk, hide, and do who knew what else. Who wouldn’t be scared?

Even though these movies were popular, the reviews were at a low 29% until the other movies had come out.

If you haven’t watched the Chucky Movies, Chucky the Notorious Killer Doll Day would be a great time to start, at least the first movie a watch. It is pretty iconic for an old horror movie.

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