Mr. Weyandt comes back as a Royal

Teacher feature


Mr. Brandon Weyandt

Mr. W. has his hands full at home and at work.

Alaila Morris, Senior News Editor

Mr. Brandon Weyandt is commonly referred to as Mr. W. He taught at Armijo a decade ago, but has returned to teach Chemistry of Earth and Work Experience Education to current Armijo students.

He did teach during his hiatus from our campus, and has a total of 15 years of experience. “I have taught at Sem Yeto at Armijo, Grange Middle School, North Hills Christian School, and River City High School,” he said.

Mr. Weyandt graduated from North Hills Christian School himself before moving on to California Baptist University. He played baseball in both high school and college, and started coaching right out of high school. “I loved working with young people as they work to transition into adulthood successfully,” he said.

After he figured out his passion was working with youth, Mr. Weyandt went back to school and studied to be a teacher and coach.

But things are quite different this year. “Distance Learning stinks compared to in person learning,” Mr. Weyandt said. He did add on that it is very important for teachers to take this time to get “techy” and for students to stay on top of the work assigned so their growth can continue. He said that this pandemic lockdown has been positive in some ways because he has spent time with his sons. He also recognized that he is blessed to still have a job, even though it has been tough being secluded from his more distant family and friends.

His hobbies used to include baseball, hiking, traveling, and watching movies, but now he’s raising kids and waking up throughout the night to take care of his baby. Mr. Weyandt said that he hopes everyone is staying safe, and reaching out for help if needed. “Eventually,” he said, “all of this will be over.”

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