PE classes vary by teacher and grade level


Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels

What challenges one student may be easier for another.

Taya Gray Stokes, Staff writer

Physical Education, or PE, is a requirement for two years of high school. Everyone is expected to take it unless a sports waiver is obtained, but each teacher does things a little bit differently. What do they have in common?

In this class, students are expected to move, run, and exercise, but not everyone does it in the same way. “A typical day in PE {for me} looks like waiting for Mr. Steen to tell us to dress out,” said K’Maurier Jenkins. “Then we go back to our roll call spots and then to the weight room.

Ms. Flores, who also coaches the Varsity Boys’ Soccer team, said that her typical class works out four days a week. “We do two days in the weight room or body workouts and then two days cardio or running,” she said. On Fridays, the students play sports like soccer, football, and basketball. “Freshmen do some type of mile each week,” she said.

Students earn their grade from dressing out, showing up on time and participating in the activity. Those who do all of those things, even if they are not the fastest runner or the buffest athlete, can earn a grade that will boost their grade point average (GPA) pretty easily.

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