All in a Name:Washington was the first president, Armijo has four

Kayla Rhodes, People editor

With Presidents’ Day being celebrated with a long weekend, our All in a Name feature recognizes the four Washingtons on the Armijo campus.

Jayda Washington is a junior who likes crocheting, fishing, playing video games, reading, and hanging out with siblings. She also runs track. “I like how there’s a whole bunch of things named after {my last name},” said Jayda. She did say, however, that sometimes kids make fun of the name.

Jayda transferred to the Armijo campus last year, after attending Fairfield High so she is still getting to know people. She only knows one other Armijo student who shares her last name: Kaiba Washington.

Kaiba, a freshman, said, “I like my last name because it goes well with my first name.” Kaiba plays on the Armijo basketball team and he likes to hang out with his friends.

LeAndrea Washington is also a freshman. She likes to listen to music and is hoping to play volleyball next semester. He likes to play basketball and hangout with his friends. The fourth student with the last name on campus, Tyrese Washington, was unavailable for comment.

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